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Welcome To The New Hush Lounge Honolulu


Open Until 4:00 AM 


Great Private Lounge for Business Meetings Night/Day


Get a Membership Today and Get Invites to Private Parties and Special Deals






 An Intelligent Combination of Both Ultra-Lounge and Private Party Atmosphere, Provides a Dynamic Aesthetic Perfect for Business or Fun


Hush Lounge offers our members special  hospitality and atmosphere that no other bar night club or lounge can offer. Hush Lounge is more than a lounge its a place where beautiful people can gather, communicate and relax together in a private lounge environment. If you are looking for a place that caters to your needs and wants look no further. We have something for everyone and at our lounge we always give you something to Hush about.


We are a full service upscale Private lounge that has great music and amazing Atmosphere. Our lounge features state of the art lighting and a sound system that will keep you energized all night and perfect for whatever genre of music you wish to be the backdrop of your private party. Regardless what type of private event it happens to be, we always strive to thoroughly impress and want to make sure you have the best time possible. We have a variety of different artists in our club that love our Lounge. We extended private bookings and shows to only the hottest up and coming dj's and artist's that the island has to offer. We will always to give our Members the best atmosphere possible and keep the fun going. Our Commitment to customer service and attention to detail and privacy is what sets our events apart from other night clubs and bars in Honolulu. Come visit us at Hush Lounge for a night you won't forget.

 The difference between us and most lounges is that we cater to our hundred of private party goers who want and crave that sense of privacy. We do however have events that you can purchase tickets to weekly and monthly. If you want to have a business meeting our posh lounge is perfect for quiet meeting. Our lounge has free wifi and the perfect place for a projector. Having a business meeting in our lounge is sure to make a statement. After the conclusion of your meeting we can open a few bottles of champagne and play some music to celebrate your latest business conquest and really get the party going when some of our other members drop by.




Our lounge provides a intimate lounge private atmosphere, which includes our own line of signature drinks and bottle service. Hush is always sure to provide a quality night that is secure, intimate and fresh. Hush Lounge is known for its ever changing array of events and changing themes, for all types of styles and tastes. We like to keep things interesting and always new so no two events are ever alike.


Unpretentious yet exclusive, classy yet sexy, Hush Lounge embodies everything that a sophisticated premium lounge should be. We cater to customers of all types. No matter if you are a socialite, jet setter or industry trendsetter Hush Lounge is your destination to shine. Hush Lounge features private VIP area's and members only VIP rooms for the individual who craves privacy. Hush Lounge is a great place to relax with our large booths filled with pillows and comfortable seating. Our rooms are filled with plenty of TV's making Hush a great place to watch the game as well. We are always ready to provide you with a memorable Hawaiian night on the town. We are easy to find as we are located inside of the Hawaiian Monarch Hotel.



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Great Music

Looking for a place that keeps it bumping? Hush Lounge always keeps the music fresh. Weather it's one of our house dj's or one of our themed nights you can be assured the music will be great

Wonderful Atmosphere

Our custom lighting and sound systems provide just the right mood for any given private event while the unique collection of furniture and decor provide subtle distractions. Hush Lounge offers an experience that is both stimulating and suggestive, depending upon where you are sitting

Changing Drink Menu

We have an ever changing drink menu of featured drinks. Be sure to ask your bartender about our monthly featured drinks.We of course have all of the traditional you call it drinks available to with all of the top shelf liquor brands.

Delicious Food

We have a full range of catering services available for your private party. Contact us in advance if you want to setup a special menu or tasting. We can cater any type themed party with food from all of the hottest places on the island

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